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Welcome to uconnectesports.com, offered by Uconnect Esports, Inc.  uconnectesports.com is an online event and organization sponsorship marketplace site which offers a double sided marketplace that allows brand owners and sponsors (“Sponsors”) to offer esports event sponsorships and promotions (“Promotions”) to esports organizations (“esports Organizations”) and manage Promotions and allows esports Organizations to find Sponsors and manage promotional campaigns for their esports events.

These terms of use (“Terms”) are entered into by and between You and Uconnect Esports.  For purposes of these Terms, “Uconnect Esports”, “Company”, “we”, or “us” and their possessive forms means Uconnect Esports, Inc.; and “You” or “you” and their possessive forms means the individual or entity that receives the benefits of and is subject to these Terms.  The individual who enters into these Terms on behalf of any organization represents and warrants that such individual is authorized to enter into these Terms on behalf of such organization and that these Terms constitute a binding obligation of such organization.

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